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Why Use a Dead Sea Lotion?

Most people don’t know anything about how to protect their skin. Constant exposure to harmful elements such as dirt, the harmful rays of the sun, and smoke can cause a considerable amount of damage to your skin. Dirt particles may become permanently lodged in the pores of your skin, thus resulting in excessive production of sebum (skin oils). This can eventually lead to premature aging, and can also cause a litany of other skin problems, such as excessive oiliness, acne, and could also lead to dryness.

Using a Dead Sea lotion is a fantastic way to improve the texture of your skin and to ensure that your skin gets all of the required minerals that it needs. The Dead Sea is situated at the lowest point on Earth, approximately 1,200 feet below sea level. Scientists have been testing the soil around the sea for years, but have been unable to conclude as to how it is able to offer such a potent mix of minerals that are so beneficial to the body. Cosmetics companies use the mud available around the Dead Sea in a range of different products. They also offer a Dead Sea body butter that’s specifically extracted and made from the minerals found around the lake.


Skin Hydration Made Easy

During dry patches, your skin is likely to become extremely sensitive. If you don’t apply moisturizer properly, redness and bleeding may also occur. You can even develop eczema due to excessive dryness. Most people only apply moisturizer on the exposed surfaces of their skin, such as their arms, hands and their face. However, you should apply body butter on your body, at least once every few weeks, to ensure that your skin receives the healthy dose of minerals that it needs to repair itself and remain fresh.

Using a Dead Sea lotion can provide your skin with the necessary dose of minerals that it needs. Without proper care, your skin will begin to develop rashes and also become quite sensitive. Applying a healthy lotion, that’s made from purely organic ingredients, is a great way to care for your skin.

Best Keloid treatments are available

If you have suffered from keloid scarring, you know very well how difficult time you have had to deal with this problem.  In most of the cases, keloid treatment doesn’t satisfy both the patient and the treating doctor.  Nobody is to blame, since due to the absence of a surefire and simple remedy, keloid treatment meets with many uncertainties.  It doesn’t mean that not every keloid sufferer finds a satisfactory end to the problem, but since this chapter still needs a lot to be done to find a healthy solution, many cases remain within the boundaries of uncertainty when it comes to get rid of keloid scars. When treating keloid is not an easy task, why not look for the causes to contain this problem from becoming a source of trouble.  Yes, this is a good idea and one should look for the causes of keloids, if one can find them, to ensure one doesn’t have to face the problems in treating keliods. Read More …