What is included in “day trip” and how to order it?

If you wish to combine , during your stay at the hotel , which is a little more activity sunbathing , you will find quite a few day trips , traveling to some of the most beautiful sites in the country , tours that start in the morning and end the way as in the evening.

True, if you have a vehicle , you can do this independently , but do not like the cozy air-conditioned bus , which takes you from A to B , with a professional guide and the atmosphere is all fun and enjoyment. So , come on , let’s get going and enjoy all- day trip extraordinary .

What is offered to you on a trip ?

Day trips offered by various tour companies , are a great opportunity for foreign tourists and Israeli voters to stay at the hotel , combine a visit various sites in the immediate vicinity or far .

These trips , and, as their name implies  are one-day tours , which begin usually early in the morning and end in the evening ( depending on the destination and its distance from the hotel ) .

Tours include a professional guide and experienced very knowledgeable in all the relevant information to the destination where travelers and stands available to travelers along the way .

Additionally, there is a bus or minibus which takes travelers from one point to another , including collecting directly from the hotel and return to him.

These trips combine , many times , even a lunch break at one of the restaurants in the area or a light meal , offered to travelers .

Otherwise , travelers themselves are required to bring their own food and drink (do not worry , details that can be obtained within the framework already booking the trip ) .

Which sites are included in the trip ?

Day trips out to various sites in the country and stop some of the most beautiful points , also considered and the most visited .

You can take a day trip to Jerusalem , which includes the special sites where the stop , including the Western Wall , of course .

You can take a day trip in Tel Aviv itself , with a stop specialty museums , stroll the charming alleys of the city and visit its various markets .

You can take a day trip to the Dead Sea , which includes a visit to the Judean Desert and a trip to the unique nature and parks are nearby.

How to invite your trip ?

The various day trips can be booked directly through the company offering them either through the hotel .

It is important to check what features the trip, which sites he stops and what age is appropriate. If he combines both walking route , you may want to check for the level of difficulty of the track and so on.

If you are planning a vacation with the kids , you should check which day trips can also accommodate children , especially if the children are young .

Usually , you can book trips at short notice , but if you even so come spend a few days at the hotel, it is recommended to book your trip in advance to reserve the date you want to leave him , and of course the goal itself , which would like to visit.

Most importantly, do not forget to bring comfortable shoes to walk , especially in a good mood .