Holiday at Colorado include the many amenities it offers and amenities , lots of attractions , which can be incorporated during the stay in place.

Being centrally located and very accessible , you can leave it to a variety of different objectives , which are relatively long distance .

In addition , you can also join the excursions or tours traveling to more distant destinations or reach them independently.

Here are some of the attractions , should you incorporate during your vacation at the hotel :


The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is considered one of the attractions and a Popular spas in the country and many are choosing to get to their vacation in the framework of the Center .

Its medicinal qualities , unique atmosphere and cleanest beaches around its all making it a desirable tourist destination and a place not to be missed .

It is recommended to take an organized tour, which stops at various sites and of course next to the beaches,and do not to miss the special salt water stay.

the Dead Sea is a tourist site where a wide variety of attractions for tourists.




this charming city in the Sharon region , located not far from Tel Aviv and has quite a bit to offer.

Herzliya Marina is an unusual attraction with good restaurants, some of the best  herzliya hotels , cafes and shopping enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a variety of shops .

You can integrate ” sunbathing ” Its one from the beaches and enjoy a cold drink and refreshing.



Netanya , located in the Sharon region also offers:

impressive beaches ,a lovely promenade and a different kind of atmosphere . Netanya

In recent years the city has developed significantly and can be found in quite a few attractions worth stopping them. One can get to Tel Aviv

By train , stop right at , or by private car or bus , leaving her frequently.

netanya hotels Offer a variety of attractions and services at a very high level.


Northern Region

North , especially the Western Galilee , offers quite a few visitors.

During vacation Western Galilee It is recommended to combine a trip to the Western Galilee and stop to visit Nahariya Acre or Rosh Hanikra .

Apart from the lovely beaches in the area and natural formations

Unique which has quite a few trails in the Western Galilee and charming natural beauty.