Sea and see: How to find the right hotel in herzliya

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Herzliya, a city of beautiful views, beautiful people and beautiful memories, waiting for you to create it! This exciting, lush city is located minutes away from the city of Tel Aviv but is bathing in a whole new level of tranquility and peace. The world-known marina is one to visit and enjoy, the lively streets has all nightlife to offer, from late night food to clubs that close early in the morning and so much more.                                          Swimming pool

To enjoy the beach and the city perfectly you must find your perfect place to stay, a hotel to serve your needs and provide you a piece of luxury and comfort away from home. Herzliya is known for its advanced hi-tech industry; therefore, you can find plenty of options for herzliya hotel and suites, suited for business and pleasure.

What is our favorite things to find in a herzliya hotel?

  • Beach entry: When we are so close to herzliya’s gorgeous waters, we want to get there easy and smooth! Find a hotel with a beach access that is steps away from your room, it does not get better than that! Take it easy and soak up in the Mediterranean sun, you might find us right there next to you.
  • Sauna: We love spa treatments and we adore sauna! It’s a great start to the day and a relaxing end to our night. If you are a sauna fan like us, look for a hotel in herzliya that will offer free sauna throughout the day.
  • Stay connected: When in vacation, we still want and need to keep up with our e-mails and work, it’s easy with free Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms, makes it a smooth entry to data and phones. The soonest we can complete our tasks we will find ourselves in the beach – the better!
  • Pool view: Enjoy the scenery of the Mediterranean Sea, soaking in an upscale pool and looking into herzliya sea views. A morning swim help us focus and…work on our tan.

To sum it all up we can say herzliya hotel is probably the best choice for your next vacation.

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